The absence of traditional engine noise from electric vehicles creates a problem for vulnerable pedestrians, such as the blind or visually impaired – Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle, the I-PACE is one of them.

As such Jaguar’s engineers developed a sound, through an Audible Vehicle Alert System (AVAS), that can be heard at speeds p to 20km/h and exceeds the 56dB, a requirement of the upcoming new European legislation for all new electric vehicles from July 2019.

The system which Jaguar has spend four years developing cannot be switched off. It’s clear but discreet and wouldn’t interfere with the peace within the cabin.

Initial attempts to create a noise inspired by the sound of sci-fi spacecraft had to be shelved after pedestrians reacted by looking up to the sky, rather than at the road as the vehicle approached.

The alert is emitted from a speaker located behind the front grille and can be heard in every direction. Volume increases in accordance with the speed of the vehicle and, when in reverse, is accompanied by an additional tone that indicates the change in direction.

AVAS is not required at higher speeds as there is sufficient wind and tyre noise for pedestrians to hear the zero-emissions vehicle approaching.