Built by the same sponsors (Schaeffler) of the Audi Sport Formula E team, the S4eP as it is called, is based on the Audi RS3 but instead, it’s now powered by four electric motors, effectively making it all-wheel drive, with an output of more than 1,200 hp.

The video really only starts at the 3-minute mark onwards with the Audi R8 being the first victim followed by the Huracan Performante and lastly, the GT2 RS – the fastest 911 ever built.

Notice in 6:23 how rapidly the Lamborghini Huracan Performante was accelerating past the 160 km/h mark and yet, the S4eP was comfortably pulling away from the 911 GT2 RS as if it was standing still.

Only problem is, it’s all not in English.