Audi really pulled all the stops to unveil the all-new, all-electric, all-wheel drive e-tron SUV. Not only did they fly GC Mah to San Francisco, USA to witness its world premiere, the scale of the event could’ve been easily mistaken as a rockstar’s birthday reception.

Looking at the car and what it represents though, you can see why it’s such a big deal for Audi – not only is it Audi’s first ever all-electric vehicle, it is now the torch bearer of the brand’s venture into full electrification.

After an 8-hour full charge, the e-tron is capable of returning more than 400 km of pure electric driving range, while other quirks include air suspension, digital side mirrors, a digital instrument cluster and handwriting recognition features.

Armed with 355 hp and 561 Nm of torque from two electric motors (one of each axle), the near 2.5-tonne vehicle is capable of reaching the 100 km/h mark from standstill in just 6.6 seconds, with top speed rated at 200 km/h.


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