Waze is now officially on Apple CarPlay for iOS 12

Waze has just announced that the Waze navigation app is now officially available on Apple CarPlay. Users have to update their iPhones to the latest iOS 12 software to enable third-party navigation applications like Waze and Google Maps.

On compatible devices, users can access the Waze app directly through the infotainment screen. Available functions include shortcut buttons to Home, Work and Favourites. As reported earlier, manually searching for destination requires you to key in the address onto your iPhone as the Waze on CarPlay does not have a pop-up keyboard.

Once the destination is set, the full route overview will be displayed on the screen to allow users to easily review alternate routes, adjust sound settings as well as receive visual and audio alerts through the sound system. Users can also report any traffic situations via the “Send a Report” button, however, map chat function is not available.

Our colleagues from the Mandarin site has sampled Waze on Apple CarPlay the day it went live on iOS 12 as a beta version and what he can take home is the cleaner and more minimalist user interface compared to Waze on Android Auto.


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