The Vision EQ Silver Arrow looks like it was unwrapped from a Hot Wheels box

Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled the Vision EQ Silver Arrow – a one-seater vehicle that pays tribute to the successful record-breaking W125 car from 1937.

The electric vehicle is capable of pumping out 550 kW (750 hp) with a thin rechargeable battery in the underbody. It has a useable capacity of approximately 80 kWh, and a pure electric range of 400 km. And because of how silent it will be, the car can imitate the sound of the current Formula 1 car or even a Mercedes-AMG V8 engine.

Its carbon fibre body measures 5.3 metres long but just one metre high, with multiple layers of paintwork in alubeam silver to appear like liquid metal over the top.

The Vision EQ Silver Arrow is also fitted with a carbon fibre front splitter, as well as the continuous lighting strip at the front. The coolest bit of the Vision EQ though, has to be the lighting strip with a large and illuminated EQ lettering.

Get this; the mesmerising wheels are made up of 168 spokes per piece from lightweight aluminium with non-rotating hub caps – much like those on a Rolls-Royce. They’re painted in rose gold as is typical for the EQ brand and wrapped in Pirelli tyres, with a star pattern on the tread!

Elsewhere, the side air vents help to cool the battery. At the back, it’s got a rear diffuser with dual extendable rear spoilers that act as air brakes by increasing the wind resistance when deceleration is desired.

Inside is a whole different story, it looks like a cross-breed between a single seater powerboat and a luxurious yacht. It’s covered in polished aluminium, suede, saddle brown leather but what I find most appealing is the solid walnut wood with darker coniferous wood pinstripes on the floor of the car.

Granted, it’s a concept but you can’t help but wonder what it’d be like driving with a panoramic display ahead of you, with a touchscreen display integrated into the steering wheel that looks straight out of a Formula 1 car!

The attention to detail is so mad that the seat, with a four-point harness, even comes with stars “engraved” on it using lasers.

On the other hand, modern, high-tech solutions such as the large projection surface for the panoramic screen and innovative user experience solutions such as the virtual race option (see below) represent the EQ’s typically visionary character. This contrast is an intentional merging of past and future.

Here’s something that will blow your mind; with artificial intelligence, you can engage in a virtual race against historical or present-day Silver Arrow racing cars.

A virtual racetrack will be projected on the panoramic screen where the driver can see his/her opponent either ahead or behind them as a “ghost”. The Virtual Race Coach assistance function helps you become a better driver by giving instructions during the race.



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