Continental CC6 & UC6 was the tyre of choice for the #Live2Drive convoy

Remember the group of Malaysians who drove from Malaysia to Europe and back in their Volkswagen Kombi and classic Beetle? They are back on Malaysian soil and have a very interesting story to share about the tyres they used.

The #Live2Drive team saw three Kombi’s and one Beetle which covered 30 countries over eight months, clocking over 52,000 km and 607 hours of driving in the process. Throughout their journey, the team used only Continental ComfortContact 6 (CC6) and UltraContact 6 (UC6) for their air-cooled Volkswagens.

At a press conference today at Continental Tyre Malaysia (CTM)’s premise in Petaling Jaya, #Life2Drive team member, Cliften Nathaniel commented on the Continental tyres: “Driving through what was a ‘cold summer’ in summer tyres was beyond my expectations. Cold summer is like driving up really high altitudes with cold temperatures, rough hard-off roads, as well as through snow and on some parts of icy roads.”

“Despite all that, the tyres performed fantastically and made us wanting to keep driving. I used two different sets of Continental tyres: 185/65/15 (CC6 on the Beetle) and 215/55/17 (UC6) for my Kombi – apart from the comfort, they also handled well in wet conditions and allowed me more confidence when driving through the continents in a classic car.” Nathaniel added.

CTM Managing Director and Head of Continental’s ASEAN Region for BU PLT Replacement APAC, Cameron Wilson said: “CTM is also pleased that the robustness and durability of Continental tyres have successfully taken the #Live2Drive team safely across various terrains and roads which can get rough at places. Along the way, fans who recognised the Continental brand, as well as those who are keen on classic cars, came along to meet and cheer the team along. This reaffirms the premise that Continental tyres are trusted the world over for quality, performance and its German Technology.”


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