These Malaysians drove 20,000km in their classic Volkswagens to Germany!

There isn’t a better once-in-a-lifetime road trip scenario than what was achieved with these five Malaysians over the course of three odd months. The convoy is comprised of five Malaysians in three Volkswagen Microbus (Bulli) and a classic Beetle, all of which braved through a gruelling distance of 20,000km to Germany.

Cliften Nathaniel, Terence Moses, Stephen Pang, Monica Xavier and Udhaya Kumar, left Malaysia in March and travelled across Thailand, Laos, China, Russia and Europe before reaching the country where their cars were made. Naturally, they were prepared, bringing with them spare tyres, replacement parts and tools. Just in case, you know.

By June, the contingent arrived in Germany and visited Volkswagen’s plant in Hannover. At the same place, they witnessed the production of the latest T-Series model. They also attended the Volkswagen vintage meet in Hessisch-Oldendorf, witnessing some of the biggest classic Volkswagen gatherings ever existed.

They then continued driving to other European countries to participate in various charities as part of the #Live2drive campaign. The return leg will take place later this year. Imagine the stories that will come out of this epic journey!

We at, on behalf of all Malaysians, wish the five of you ambitious souls the very best of luck!


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