Remember that time when we shared that Mercedes-Benz launched its new Digital Light System for the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class? Well they’ve gone on to show us how it can “talk” to pedestrians walking pass and around the car.

The Digital Light System can also project texts and symbols onto the road as a precaution to the driver; working with the car’s sensors and cameras, the symbols include Low Grip Surface and even construction sites, to name a few.

The two front headlamps utilises a lighting chip each that can project with over one million pixels per side, for clarity and precision like never before – a step up even from the Multibeam LED system in other Mercedes-Benz’.

As much as it is a visual amusement, there are safety elements to this system also. For instance, the upcoming hazards indicated onto the road will also be projected into the driver’s line of sight, instead of appearing on the instrument cluster, giving the driver and its occupants better odds in an emergency situation.