This Infiniti’s interior has been inspired by luxury resort hotels

No, it doesn’t have high ceilings nor does it come with gold-plated everything and chandeliers the size of bathrooms but the interior of the all-new 2019 Infiniti QX50 supposedly takes after the “look and feel” of luxury resort hotels.

Designers at Infiniti wanted a progressive interior, to provide drivers with a luxurious experience every time they step into their QX50 mid-size crossover. For a unique color combination, the design team drew inspiration from the experience one would have from walking into a luxury resort beachfront hotel.

There may not be teak wood or palm leaf applications but cabin accommodates you with warm colour tones such as the rich chocolate brown to replicate wood applications in the resort and the surrounding trees along with a creamy off-white representing the sand on a beach.

A cooler dark navy blue on the center console is reminiscent of the ocean water, striking a balance between warm and cool – creating a comfortable yet invigorating environment.

Does this cabin look like that fancy beach side resort you’ve recently been to?

“The quest to find the perfect fit of materials, colors, forms and ergonomics have driven our designers and engineers to create the best interior Infiniti has ever produced,” said Infiniti Motor Company Ltd, Executive Design Director, Karim Habib.


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