This Datsun mi-DO is for those who want to leave the city life for good

Whether it’s through a survey or through a general observation that most are increasingly sick and tired of metropolitan living, Datsun has acknowledged it and took it upon themselves to build this.

It’s called the Datsun mi-DO and it’s been specially-built by Datsun and introduced for the Russian market. It’s said that the new model is designed for “people who love outdoor activities, particularly fishing”; not sure what this Datsun can do that the average Mitsubishi or Toyota pick-up can’t though.

And why specifically fishing? Last I checked, while the Russians may be into their sports fishing, most of which only takes place in the summer. According to Datsun, 58% of its participants from a survey listed car travel as a hobby while 27.2% listed fishing.

While the mechanical specifics were not disclosed, Datsun said that the car was designed with the robust Datsun mi-DO hatchback as its base, with significant modifications to the exterior and interior to make it better suited for camping and fishing excursions.

“At Datsun, we carefully monitor the lifestyles and preferences of our customers and look for innovative solutions to address their needs,” said Andrey Chirkov.

Datsun is a subsidiary brand under the Nissan Motor Company umbrella. It was phased out in the 1980s before being reintroduced in 2013.



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