This baby McLaren 600LT sprints to 100 km/h as quick as the 675LT

McLaren has released full details of its latest Longtail model, the McLaren 600LT. The most extreme Sport Series gains many technology learnings from the Senna which resulted in a track machine that is more extreme than the 675LT.

The M838 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 has been recalibrated to go with the freer flowing top-exit exhaust system allowing the engineers to unlock 600 hp and 620 Nm of torque. Century sprint is done in 2.9 seconds – equal to the 675LT and 0 to 200 km/h is achieved in 8.2 seconds. Top speed is governed at 328 km/h.

To tame those extra horses, McLaren had to optimise the car’s overall aerodynamic performance with an extended front splitter, longer rear diffuser, fixed rear wing and lengthen the car by 74 mm. All these work in conjunction with the flat carbon fibre underbody to produce 100 kg of downforce at 250 km/h for more cornering grip and high-speed stability.

There are two ultralightweight wheel options for the 600LT – 10-spoke or five spoke – that reduces unsprung weight for greater cornering performance. They are shod in bespoke Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres. The 600LT also sits 8 mm closer to the ground for better high-speed stability.

As with any McLaren Longtail model, the 600LT has undergone a strict diet plan to save 100 kg (in its lightest configuration) over the standard 570S. Lightweight exercise comes in the form of adopting lighter and stiffer suspension components from the 720S (-10.2 kg), lightweight aluminium calipers and stiffer carbon ceramic discs (-4 kg), removal of interior carpet (-5.7 kg) and carbon fibre racing seats (-21 kg).

Customers can also opt to remove air-conditioning, infotainment system, the audio system for further weight reduction. The optional MSO Clubsport Pack adds Super-Lightweight Carbon Fibre Racing Seats, Carbon Fibre Interior Upgrade, Carbon Fibre Roof and Cantrails, Visual Carbon Fibre Fender Louvres in gloss finish and titanium wheel bolts for maximum visual impact and weight savings.

Unlike other limited run McLaren models, the McLaren 600LT can still be ordered new from dealers with a base price of £185,500 in the UK. The price tag also includes a Pure McLaren Road Owner Track Day circuit experience.


McLaren 600LT


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