With the increasing number of Proton 3S and 4S centres in Malaysia, the Proton brand experience is gradually moving towards global standards. To match the positive experience when shopping for a Proton car, the company is also gearing up to strengthen their aftersales services for maximum customer satisfaction.

In order to meet global standards in after-sales services, Proton has embarked on these eight changes in their service process:

  1. Appointment: Implement pro-active service appointment with the appointment rates at 80 per cent and balance 20 per cent for walk-in customer
  2. Service Standard Practices (SSP) & Customer Service Index (CSI) improvement activities: Improve customer communication and handling of complaints with a standardised practice.
  3. Service Advisor: Setting a performance benchmark for service advisors to ensure customer obtains the required attention and service
  4. Technician: Maximise technician productivity to ensure all concerns by the customer has been repaired.
  5. Skill Composition: Have sufficient manpower with the necessary qualification
  6. 4M (Man, Machine, Method and Material) & 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke): Comply all items as per stated in 4M and 5S checklist to ensure vehicles are returned in good condition.
  7. Parts availability: Ensure parts fill rate is 90% and above by referring parts monthly average demand quantity and monitoring back order parts from Proton Parts.
  8. Vehicle off Road (VOR): Inform customers on the status of VOR cases on daily basis. Any cases which require head office assistance, the Market Investigation Report (MIR) will need to be raised.

All these initiatives are implemented to increase customer satisfaction and encourage Proton owners to return to authorised dealers for car maintenance. Ultimately, the company vouches to be consistent with their promises to customers in hopes to build a strong, long-term relationship with their customers.

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