You’d never guess what the most expensive car on is

If you thought it was a limited-edition Ferrari, or some exotic hypercar with a hard-to-pronounce name, you’re wrong.

It’s a 2011 Nissan Teana; and it costs RM 488,004,780.There’s not much to describe why it costs so much. Its design is as subdued as a school uniform and it doesn’t exactly scream high performance. Aside from the wear on the key fob, there’s really not much that indicates “a rare classic”.

Maybe it’s an error of judgement or someone actually put a price to sentimental value; maybe it could even just be a typo, but who knows?

Nothing in this world is perfect. Source:

I suppose there’s not much to expect from car salesmen who can boldly claim a car – not to mention a 7-year old Nissan Teana – to be in perfect condition. Although, to be absolutely fair, the car does look to be in pretty good condition, especially on the inside.

No car can ever be in perfect condition and as history has evidently pointed out, not even brand new German-made vehicles.


The advertisement also claimed it wouldn’t waste our time but come on, how would it “no waste your time” if you were asked to consider paying RM 488,004,780 for a Nissan Teana?!

If time is in abundant, maybe you might be interested to know how much the monthly repayment would be. Considering the dealer can “loan adjustable” up to 8 years, with a 3.5% interest rate and a 10% downpayment (RM 4,880,047.80), you’re looking to pay RM 6,441,663…a month!

Lastly, to top it all off, one of the salesman is called “BS Chong”. Go figure.


*This article was not written with the intention to shame or to offend. Absolutely not. If anything the intention was to find out what the most expensive car on Mudah was, out of curiosity, but happened to stumble upon this. For those left with a bad taste in the mouth (especially the fearless men of CNN Motor), perhaps this humour isn’t for you. Sorry, I guess?


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