No turbos for supercar replacement, hybrid is the way to go says Lambo

Automobili Lamborghini after unveiling the Lamborghini Urus, a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 powered super SUV, fans of the Italian supercar maker were concerned that future Lamborghini super-sports cars will join the impending fate of forced induction.

Well, according to the company’s Technical Director, Maurizio Reggiani, he intends to resist any pressure to slash the number of cylinders for turbochargers.

In a report by AutoCar UK, Reggiani explained: “Every car has a mission, and based on that mission you have to choose the right engine. For the [Urus SUV] the decision was turbo, but we will continue to opt for naturally-aspirated engines for the super-sports cars. In the future, we will need to take into account fuel consumption and emissions. I am convinced the naturally-aspirated engine coupled with a hybrid system can be the right answer.”

This is in line with a previous report that the Huracan replacement, due in 2022, will feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain to combat the tightening emission regulations. Electrification seems to be the most plausible route to maintain the V10/V12 naturally aspirated mills while keeping emissions low.

Reggiani said,“We need to reinvent this icon without [losing] the characteristics of the current car: carbon fibre, the V12 naturally-aspirated engines and other components. Looking forward, if it is a hybrid then in what ways can we compensate for its weight?”

In late 2017, Lamborghini unveiled an all-electric Terzo Millennio concept that showcased their plans of using innovative supercapacitor and cutting-edge weight-saving materials. The company is currently working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop a carbon fibre bodywork that can act as a storage battery as well as superconductors. Hopefully, the research yields positive results for us to continue to enjoy the melody of a naturally-aspirated Lamborghini.

To prove his commitment, Reggiani concluded, “The reaction you have to a 10-cylinder engine you cannot have from any other kind of engine. This is what our customers love. Why do I need to do something different? If I trust in the naturally-aspirated engines, why downgrade my powertrain to a V8 or V6? I am Lamborghini, I am the top of the pinnacle of super-sports cars. I want to stay where I am.”


Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept


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