The Continental GT’s interior requires 300,000 individual stitches to complete

In celebrating the Sewing Machine Day, Bentley also paid tribute to the 120-strong sewing team in their headquarters in Crewe, England.

The sewing machine has been an integral part of the brand’s near 100-year history, where the handcrafted interiors of its vehicles have been created by these machines since 1919. The “Diamond-in-Diamond” interior pattern in the new Bentley Continental GT is another extension of the “sewing machine story”, with a modern twist on its stitching and embroidery.

18 months were spent developing the embroidery, individually optimising and programming the exact alignment of the 712 stitches that make up each diamond shape. It takes more than seven hours to produce a complete Diamond-in-Diamond-stitched interior for the new Continental GT and nearly 300,000 individual stitches.

The attention to detail is such that Bentley even takes into account the size of the leather panel when its cut; as the embroidery actually causes the leather panel to shrink by 12%.

Each interior is crafted from nine Northern European bull hides, stitched together with 2.8 km of thread. When completed, every leather panel is initialled on the back by the Bentley craftsmen who made it – a personal hallmark of quality.


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