Firstly, did you know that the BMW M4’s M DCT with Drivelogic does not come with a “Park” function? Apparently it’s because BMW wanted to replicate the regular manual transmission as closely as possible.

When in standstill, simply leave the car in gear and switch off the engine, and the gear would automatically shift to Park; as indicated in the instrument cluster.

There’s more to it but I supposed you’re better off watching the video than read my explanation on it. Only problem is, aside from the obvious lacking of a BMW M4 to put this new lesson to use, the video is in German. Sorry about that.

In recent times, the M dual-clutch transmission had found its way to M models such as the F80 M3, F82 M4 and the F87 M2. However, the newly-launched F90 BMW M5 in Malaysia still utilises an 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

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