Without the extra 6%, the Toyota C-HR finally gets a “reasonable” price tag

Effective 1st of June 2018, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is to be set at 0% and we suspect it’ll make the Toyota C-HR an even more attractive prospect from now.

If you haven’t already seen, here’s Adrian’s first impression on the new Toyota C-HR.

By not paying the extra 6%, the asking price for the C-HR has now dropped to RM 137,300 (without Insurance); a full RM 8,000 cheaper than before at RM 145,500 – a figure most thought were a little “out of reach”, to say the least. 

SedansCurrent PriceWithout GST
1.5J M/T74,98070,752
1.5J A/T77,98073,582
1.5E A/T81,98077,356
1.5G A/T87,98083,016
1.5GX A/T90,98085,847
1.5S A/T93,98088,677
Corolla Altis 1.8E117,400110,790
Corolla Altis 1.8G120,300113,526
Corolla Altis 2.0V134,900127,305
Camry 2.0G X AT155,400146,645
Camry HV 2.5 LUXURY AT169,900160,352

That said, it’s still not as competitively priced as the 2017 CBU Mazda CX-3 with G-Vectoring Control (RM 131 k) and the Japanese-import factor of the CX-3 still has the edge in terms of appeal to most buyers, against the C-HR from Thailand.

MPVCurrent PriceWithout GST
Avanza 1.3E MT70,20066,242
Avanza 1.5E AT76,60072,281
Avanza 1.5X AT82,70078,035
Avanza 1.5G AT79,20074,733
Avanza 1.5S AT81,50076,903
Sienta 1.5V A/T97,00091,528
Innova 2.0E M/T107,800101,739
Innova 2.0E A/T115,800109,287
Innova 2.0G A/T123,800116,834
Innova 2.0X A/T132,800125,324
Vellfire & Alphard
Vellfire 2.5350,800331,010
Alphard 3.5429,800405,626
Alphard 3.5 Executive Lounge540,800510,343

As for the SUVs, the 2.0-litre Harrier Turbo “Luxury” we reviewed recently is now priced at RM 245,233 instead of the RM 259,900; nearly RM 15,000 cheaper from when we had it – wonder what that will do to the waiting list/duration for the car.

SUV & 4×4Current PriceWithout GST
Fortuner 2.4 AT 4×4169,800160,251
Fortuner 2.4 VRZ AT 4×2185,800175,346
Fortuner 2.4 VRZ AT 4×4195,800184,779
Fortuner 2.7 SRZ AT 4×4181,800171,594
Hilux S/CAB 2.4 MT 4×487,20082,327
Hilux D/CAB 2.4 STD MT 4×496,90091,478
Hilux D/CAB 2.4G MT 4×4106,700100,723
Hilux D/CAB 2.4G AT 4×4116,300109,779
Hilux D/CAB 2.4 L-Edition AT 4×4119,300112,610
Hilux D/CAB 2.8G AT 4×4130,900123,581
Hilux D/CAB 2.8 L-Edition AT 4×4133,900126,411
Harrier 2.0T Premium238,000224,573
Harrier 2.0T Luxury259,900245,233
C-HR 1.8L A/T145,500137,300

President of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd, Mr. Ravindran, has assured all its customers that any relief and benefit from the new tax structure will be fully passed on to its customers and any price revision will be considered in the best interest of its customers.

Further information on the reduced On-The-Road prices of Toyota vehicles can be obtained through the Toyota Freephone at 1800-8-TOYOTA (869682) or by visiting any authorised Toyota sales outlet.


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