Ford in Italy along with a start-up specialising in visual aid solutions have revealed their latest creation called Feel The View. It’ll allow the blind or those with minimal vision to “visualise” the views outside a car’s window.

And they’ll be able to do so by touch, from 255 different levels of vibration. The device which comes with a built-in camera is attached to one of the car’s windows and captures snapshots of the view outside the car before converting them into a greyscale image.

The greyscale image is then defined by 255 different shades of grey. When the device detects the users touch as he or she runs their fingers across the window, it will trigger a different vibration for each of the 255 shades to allow the visually-challenged to feel the passing scenery.

The device is also accompanied by an AI voice assistant, to enhance the user’s experience. As intriguing as it sounds, there is however, no word on whether the prototype will actually be put into production.

Source: Ford Europe


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Pan Eu Jin
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