Her name is Juju Noda and ever since she was handed her first race kart at an age (3-years-old) where parents wouldn’t even trust their kids with an iPad, she’s been habitually embarrassing those twice and even thrice her age on the race track.

Now, the 12-year-old lass (she turned 12 in early February 2018), is already getting into the hot seat of a Formula 3 car earlier than most current Formula 1 drivers. Only Formula 2 separates her from meddling with the likes of Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo, although they’d probably be on dentures by the time she rises to prominence.

A prodigy in every sense of the word, she is already the world’s first primary school student to drive a FIA-approved Formula 4 race car at race speeds and breaking lap records along the way. Max Verstappen, the youngest driver to win a Formula 1 race, never got into an open-wheel racer until he was 16.

With the guidance of her father, Hideki Noda, who had a brief stint in Formula 1, the raw talent from Okayama, Japan is already aiming to be the first female driver to win a Formula 1 race. Given her breakthroughs in such a short time, with the right support, the name Juju Noda is one to definitely keep in mind for the future.

Credit: Great Big Story

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