Your epic Lamborghini Urus wallpapers are here, from London to Sydney

Lamborghini recently concluded the world presentation of its new Super SUV, the 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 Urus, as it visited over 114 major cities around the world – completing the Urus’ historical introduction within a span of just four months.

Part of the 650 hp Urus’ worldwide tour, which included stops in cities like Tokyo, Moscow and Sydney, also saw the world’s fastest SUV arrive in Malaysia recently and boy was it just pure pornography.

Check out our brief introduction video of the Lamborghini Urus here.

If there was a company that could build an SUV that looks as dramatic as the Urus, it could only be Lamborghini. Unless Ferrari’s new FUV beats them to it but I dare say, it’s unlikely.

Shortly after the unveiling of the Urus, it was reported that its reception had been way better than expected, particularly in Russia and India with 2/3 of the buyers being new to the Lamborghini brand. There’s also been a spike in female buyers.

Inside features an aeroplane cockpit-like gear lever; with a Tamburo drive selector offering six different driving modes.

Lamborghini’s overall production volume is expected to hit close to five figures by the end of 2019, where half of which will be the Urus. Without further ado, here’s the Lamborghini Urus; photographed alongside some of the world’s most iconic locations/landmarks.



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