The old Top Gear as we know it, might have bled its last drop of blood. Not only have our three “best friends” on TV departed, they’re now taking away the infamous Top Gear test track as well.

The “Hammerhead” and “Chicago” turns as we all have so often hear Jeremy Clarkson narrate about, built around an old military air base, will make way for new homes, health facilities commercial centres.

According to Jalopnik, so far, nothing has been said about where the new track will be and how it’ll be like. There’s also no word how on much longer Top Gear will have on the track to film their shows.

The “new Top Gear”, with Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris, just concluded the lucrative TV franchise’s 25th season. With the new trio finally hitting their stride, a new (26th) season is sure to be on the way. Question is, will it feature a new track by then? Maybe even a new Stig?

R.I.P, old Top Gear.