Much has happened since the breaking news of Chris Evans being put at the helm of BBC’s Top Gear as the lead presenter. The British broadcasting giant has also announced the worldwide search for new talents to replace Richard Hammond and James May as the duo’s contracts have not been renewed.

It was reported that earlier this week, there were rumours of BBC attempting to sign Clarkson back onto the hit motoring show, and was repeated on a column printed by British daily The Sun. However, Clarkson has since commented that he will not be returning to the BBC.


In another comment made, the former patriarch of Top Gear has revealed that all three of them will be returning for a new rival show that’s reportedly being picked up by frontrunners Netflix, Amazon and ITV. Clarkson hasn’t revealed the specifics of the show, but may do so when the negotiations are finalised.

Now while all of this blows over, there is much for Top Gear fans to rejoice as the BBC just announced that the final Top Gear episode of Clarkson, Hammond and May will be aired on 28 June on BBC2. It will be made up of two films shot before the ensuing fracas Clarkson had with producer Oisin Tymon over the dispute of a hot meal after a long day’s shoot.

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Nicholas Raj
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