Michelin LTX Force all-terrain tyres now in Malaysia, 15-18-inch from RM550

Michelin Malaysia has just introduced a new product to their SUV and 4×4 tyre range, the Michelin LTX Force. The new all-terrain tyres promise superior on- and off-road capabilities for both SUV and 4×4 vehicles.

The LTX Force features CompacTread Technology where the tread blocks are reinforced to increase the contact area on the tarmac for better braking performance. Also introduced with the new tyre is the CushionGuard Technology which absorbs road imperfections to give it a more comfortable ride on the road. Its BevelTread with a rounded sloping edge design helps cuts the noise frequency for a quieter ride.Derived from the World Rally Championship (WRC), the LTX Force features the Extended Sidewall Biting Edge, Deep and Open Shoulder Design for superior off-road traction and sidewall resistance – giving great confidence for drivers who seek the best driving performance on all types of roads.

Michelin Malaysia’s Managing Director, Mr. Pascal Nouvellon said, “Over the past two years, the SUV tyre segment has outgrown the passenger car tyre segment globally and will continue to do so for the next five years as most people are seeking safety and versatility in vehicles and would expect the same from their tyres.”“Through a series of tests held at the event, consumers can witness the Michelin LTX Force braking to an average distance of two meters shorter versus its competitors, which is a crucial safety feature. Third party studies also revealed that the tyre delivers 35 percent more mileage” added Mr. Nouvellon.

The Michelin LTX Force is now available at all TyrePlus service outlets, Michelin Expert Centres and authorised dealers nationwide. Fitment sizes ranges from 15- to 18-inches with recommended retail price starting from RM550.



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