Honda Thailand has retained the No.1 position in Thailand’s passenger car market for the third year in a row in 2017 with a whopping total of 127,768 units sold.

The brand’s top five best-selling models in 2017 were the Honda City (34,955 units), Honda Civic (27,448 units), Honda Jazz (23,360 units) while the HR-V, CR-V and BR-V contributed (32,690 units) – leading to the highest total sales in three major market segments.

Malaysia is the only market outside of Japan to receive the Honda City Sport Hybrid.

Meanwhile, in Philippines, Honda announced that it has successfully continued its growth with record breaking sales in 2017 with 31,758 vehicles sold, compared to 2016 with 23,199 units.

The primary contributors to Honda’s strong sales performance were the City (9,430 units), the BR-V (7,212 units) and the Civic (4,146 units). With the successful launch of the all-new CR-V (2,799 units sold), it further solidified Honda’s growth with its introduction last August 2017.

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