BMW’s new all-electric SUV to be named as BMW iX3? Coming in 2020

During the announcement of its 100,000 units electrified vehicles delivered to customers, BMW Group has also revealed that they have patented names from BMW i1 to i9 and BMW iX1 to iX9 in anticipation of the 25 new electric vehicles to come by 2025.

Earlier on, the company announced that the next fully-electric model will be based on the X3 SUV which is safe to assume will be known as BMW iX3. The all-electric iX3 is touted to debut as soon as 2020 while the next model to join the iPerformance line up will be the i8 Roadster set to debut in 2018.

BMW Group’s electrification timeline looks are as follow: i8 Roadster in 2018, MINI Electric in 2019, BMW iX3 in 2020 and the BMW iNEXT in 2021. Although not much has been revealed about the iNEXT, it will serve as a technology study in bringing electric mobility together with autonomous driving in production models.

Beyond 2021, BMW will have readied it’s next-generation electric drive powertrain and battery technology and scalable platforms, in line with the company’s plans to offer electrified variants for all MINI and BMW cars. Electric mobility is a core element of BMW Group’s NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy to further strengthen its global position as a leader in premium mobility as electrified vehicles are expected to make up 15 to 25 percent of its global sales.


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