Recently at the LA Auto Show, Honda introduced the 2018 Honda Accord in a whole new way – utilising augmented reality with the HondaLens to walk users through the history of the Honda Accord and point out the car’s prominent features.

The digital world was”created” and viewed using Microsoft HoloLens where users could activate “hidden stories” as they walked around the vehicle. Also part of the virtual experience were arrows and voiceover instructions to guide users on where to walk and how to interact.

Honda debuted the HondaLens augmented reality at the 2017 LA Auto Show to showcase the all new 2018 Accord

As such, users were able to experience a storytelling process in a whole new way – the 21st century way. For example, when users were sitting in the driver’s seat, they experienced different traffic scenarios that are simulated through the windshield in front of them.

Through the stationary walkaround, users were able to view a hologram version of the new turbocharged engine as it floats out of the hood to show how the forced-induction system works.

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Pan Eu Jin
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