We don’t just want the Honda Sports Vision in our games – bring it to life!

We’re all too familiar with the concept of road-going, production sports and race cars being “reflected” into our games but it’s another thing to have a car whose birth is solely for our virtual leisure and never existing in reality.

The Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo is one such car – given birth through the Gran Turismo, the Real Driving Simulator. Unlike the usual production cars drawn up from within Honda, the Gran Turismo’s outline is a result of a worldwide design competition ran by Honda.

The Sports Vision’s design draws the eye to its streamlined body, with wide fenders and air intakes – a result from the mix of form, functionality and more importantly, beauty.

In the game, the car is confined to weigh under a tonne at 899 kg, primarily with the use of carbon fibre components. The mid-engined sportscar is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged VTEC engine producing just over 400 hp, delivering power through an 8-speed dual clutch transmission.

As if it were to be put into production, Honda even ran wind tunnel tests with a full scale model! The end result guarantees airflow and exit of air around the Sports Vision’s body, through the undercarriage as well engine compartment.

Image Credit: Gran Turismo



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