Nissan to resume production of domestic vehicles in Japan

Nissan has announced that it plans to resume production of vehicles for its domestic market after recently halting production at five of its local plants.

This follows after Japan’s transport ministry approval of the changes to the improper final-inspection procedures that forced a major recall involving more than a million vehicles.

The Nissan Leaf which is due for Malaysia in 2018 – pictured is the Nismo Edition with sports exhaust and suspension.

The suspended domestic production halted a daily production average of 1,000 vehicles per day after it was discovered that uncertified technicians have been signing off on final inspections – a severe breach of ministry guidelines – taking place between January 2014 to September 2017.

The second largest Japanese automaker said it would resume production at its plants after sorting out the inconsistencies with the ministry. The Japan Transport Ministry requires certified inspectors to sign off on vehicles sold domestically – a procedure not require for export-bound vehicles.

Source: Autonews


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