The BMW 530e iPerformance to come with world’s first wireless charging

We’ve all grown accustomed to the concept of wireless charging with our smartphones – whether it’s in the car or in our homes but BMW’s new tech will allow you to charge something a whole lot larger.

BMW will be the first automotive manufacturer to introduce wireless charging of a car’s battery with the 530e iPerformance that’s due next year, according to reports by Autocar UK.

Based on the one used by the BMW i8 safety car in the Formula E race series, it is reportedly claimed to be able to fully charge the 530e’s lithium ion battery in 3.5 hours albeit 1.5 hours slower than the current fastest charging wallbox plug offered with the car.

The system is developed by Formula E partners, Qualcomm, that charges the batteries by generating an electromagnetic field. It is said that charging will begin on its own as soon as the car switched off and parked on top of the “charge pad” placed on the floor.

Guiding lines will also be displayed on the infotainment screen for drivers to position their vehicles on the charge pad which can be placed either indoors or out.

Source: Autocar UK



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