In China you can pay by the hour and drive an Audi R8 V10 without owning it!

Audi has introduced an “on demand+” service in the form of an app in China and what it entails might make you consider looking for a job in the metropolitan city of Beijing.

The service allows users to select the car desired, ranging from high-end sedans to high performance vehicles, through their smartphones and also make payments – all while on the move.

Once selection and assuming payment is completed, a concierge service will deliver the requested car to the customer. Beijing is the first location in China for the “on-demand+” service with expansion in place for it to be available in medium and large-sized cities across China to form a region-wide mobility service network within the next few years.

The car can be “ordered” for a duration ranging from four hours to 30 days with plenty of flexibility and use of the service is charged by the hour. The rates, which weren’t specified, includes unlimited driving mileage and insurance coverage. The selection of cars consists mostly of Audi’s newest range with a full suite of features and equipment. As seen in the images, you can tell that the RS7, Q3 and even the R8 V10 Plus is available for requests including other Audi Sport models as well as Audi’s long wheelbase models.

The exclusive concierge will deliver the booked car to the customers preferred location which has to be within 150 square kilometres of Beijing covering the Central Business District and other areas nearby. Customers will also be brief on the functions and features of the car before use. Once a customer is done with the car, the concierge picks up the selected Audi again.

Payments are quick and easy through the app; with different modes of payment including WeChat, AliPay and UnionPay.


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