Hyundai Motor Co has announced that it would be launching a long-range electric vehicle with a 500 km driving range per charge after 2021, as reported by Reuters.

There are also plans for 31 eco-friendly models by 2020 with automaker and affliate Kia Motors Corp. New additions will include three plug-in hybrid vehicles, along with eight battery powered and two fuel-cell vehicles.

Although Hyundai has just introduced its first pure electric car, the IONIQ, it still lags behind Tesla and GM with shorter driving range per charge. An electric version of the Kona SUV will be introduced, offering 390 km of driving in the first half of 2018.

This confirms Reuters previous report that it is developing its first dedicated electric vehicle platform for the company to produce multiple models with longer driving ranges.

Hyundai has also unveiled a “near production version” of its new mid-sized SUV powered by fuel cell with a driving range of more than 800 km per charge under European standards. The SUV which will be launched in Korea next year will nearly double the 415 km range for its current Tucson fuel cell SUV.

Source: Reuters

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