5 things you need to know about Continental’s New Wheel Concept

There is a very common, almost cliche saying that goes “Let’s not reinvent the wheel” – with the notion that if something is already as good as it can ever get, it can’t be improved; like the wheel for example.

Well, if everyone thought that way, we’d still be using ICQ instead of Skype, MySpace instead of Facebook and having KFC instead of Texas Chicken, wouldn’t we? Continental, one of the leading tyre manufacturers, are probably “tyred” of KFC. They’ve came up with something which will be demonstrated at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show called the New Wheel Concept – in every sense of the word.

Here’s five things you absolutely need to know about it, along with an animation to help you better understand the concept of this new system.

  • A Completely New Operation Process

The wheel rim consists of two aluminum parts, the inner aluminium carrier star with the aluminium brake disk and the outer aluminium rim well with the tire. In contrast to conventional wheel brakes, the New Wheel Concept brake engages the aluminium disk from the inside, allowing for light but sturdy brake caliper construction.

  • Allows flexible options for larger diameter brake discs

Since the space available in the wheel is optimally-utilised, this offer a lot of allowance for particularly large diameter brake disk applications, which benefits the braking performance.

  • Prevents formation of rust

The corrosion-free aluminium brake disk also prevents the formation of rust, as would normally occur on conventional cast-iron disks which can impair braking performance.

  • Easy access for replacement works

This concept allows for easy replacement of wheel and brake pad changes. Based on results from initial practical tests, it is presumed that the aluminium disk itself is not subject to wear, unlike cast-iron disks.

  • Reduced noise

This design has a favourable effect on the “noise behaviour of the brakes”. The reduced noise is a particularly attractive plus point that adds more quality to the already quiet EV ride.

And yet they say, “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken”.

Video / Snapshots credit: caroto.gr


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