Chery to start selling cars in Europe under all-new name plate, first with compact SUVs

China’s leading vehicle exporter, Chery Automobile will start selling passenger cars in Europe within the next few years under an all-new nameplate.

The first model on sale will be a compact SUV designed with focus on the young and progressive-minded customers. It will also aim to meet the needs and expectations of European car owners in terms of design, quality, dynamics and most importantly crash worthiness. Not sure how though, considering the track record they’ve had with their cars in Malaysia.

It is expected to be revealed globally for the first time in its “pre-production form” at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 12th Sept 2017. A new design together with R&D facilities in Europe will also help accelerate Chery’s plan for global expansion.

 The new design and future R&D facilities in Europe will accelerate Chery’s plan for global expansion. The company has also indicated plans to sell a range of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV’s) and battery electric vehicles.

“Our brand will target open-minded, younger customers in particular, with a product rollout strategy that focuses on quality, with low and zero-emissions powertrain. All Chery vehicles sold in Europe will feature class-leading connectivity, excitement behind the wheel, practical interiors and  comprehensive personalisation options, all of which are aligned with our high standards of product quality and aftersales support,” said Chery CEO, Dr. Anning Chen.


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