Singer & Williams to build 500 hp 4.0L air-cooled flat-six engines for classic 911’s

Singer Vehicle Design or Singer in short, is no stranger to classic Porsche enthusiasts. Having built a name for themselves from restoring and modifying classic air-cooled 911s, the company has just announced that they will be partnering with Williams Advanced Engineering (Williams) to build new air-cooled naturally aspirated flat-six engines.

With the sole purpose of building lightweight and high-performance vehicles for their customers, Singer has decided that a new engine is needed to power these classic Porsches. The result is a 4.0-litre naturally aspirated air-cooled flat-six with 500 hp that revs beyond 9,000 rpm.

Williams have utilised extensive lightweight materials such as titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber to reduce the engine’s mass thus reducing the vehicles overall weight. The first car to benefit from this new engine will be a 1990 991 Carrera 964, commissioned by long time Singer client, Scott Blattner.

Founder of Singer Vehicle Design, Rob Dickinson said, “Helping our clients realise their unique vision for a reimagined Porsche 911 with the help of automotive royalty is very much a privilege. Singer is delighted to be working with Williams Advanced Engineering and Hans Mezger to offer our clients a “next level” of restoration and modification services for their Porsche 911’s.  With careful and dedicated development, this iconic air-cooled engine has much to give both its existing devotees and a generation of new enthusiasts.”


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