There is much to like about BMW Art cars. It’s a platform that gives some of the most creative minds to “paint” several BMW cars. Joining the ranks of legends such as Andy Warhol and Alexander Calder is the youngest ever participant that also happens to be a lady who hails from China.

Introducing Cao Fei with her latest creation, BMW Art Car #18, which employs digital creativity like no other. The 39 year old artist’s previous artwork blends physical and technology, focusing on the theme of surrealism. 

It took her three years to turn the BMW M6 GT3 race car into a modern canvas on wheels. This project involves mild augmented reality, requiring an iOS application to experience the multicoloured visuals on the car.

The BMW Art Car #18 was unveiled at the Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing and will be displayed at the BMW Experience Shanghai. Being a race car, it will also be driven by Augusto Farfus at the Macau street track during the FIA GT World Cup in November.


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Travis Chang
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