BFM launches iOS app that works with Apple CarPlay – first in Malaysia!

BFM Media Sdn Bhd, the operator of BFM 89.9 has launched an Apple iOS app that’s compatible with Apple CarPlay. When downloaded, the app allows users to live stream all of BFM’s radio shows and access their library of podcasts as well.

But why go through the hassle of creating an app? Well, according to BFM, their broadcast frequency (89.9) is limited only to the Klang Valley. They have consistently tried to acquire FM frequencies in other cities in Malaysia, but Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) have rejected all of it due of unavailable frequencies.

The BFM CarPlay app cuts through all that with a few simple taps on your iPhone. Cars with head units that support Apple CarPlay can immediately begin using the BFM app. Customers of U Mobile and Digi (Digi Prepaid LiVE and Digi Broadband plan) will not incur data charges when accessing the app. BFM is currently working with Maxis to bring the same benefits to all Maxis customers as well.

The Honda Civic comes with Apple CarPlay as standard

Managing Director of BFM, Malek Ali said, “We look forward, over time, to the increasing proliferation of CarPlay among car makes, models and standalone car entertainment systems in Malaysia. With greater penetration of CarPlay, more and more car drivers and passengers outside of the Klang Valley will have access to BFM’s engaging discussions with thought leaders on the economy, business and nation-building despite BFM not being available on FM radio in their area.”

All BMW and Mercedes-Benz models are able to support Apple CarPlay (cost option feature), as well as the new Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volvo XC90, Volvo V90 and selected Chevrolet models.

The BFM CarPlay app was developed for by Snappymob, an iOS and Android app developer based in Malaysia.


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