Carpit: Your one-stop app for convenient tyre servicing

With over 20 million active mobile users and 71 percent internet penetration rate in Malaysia, it’s only natural that we do the bulk of our shopping online. Even for car tyres.

Well, what if we told you there’s a new smartphone app that allows you to change your car tyres without leaving the comfort of your own home? Enter Carpit, the first of its kind user-friendly app that offers end-to-end service for all things related to tyre servicing.

Carpit Malaysia founders (and brothers) Tai Qisheng and Tai Qiyao said the app is designed to suit the busy lifestyle of modern commuters both new and old. With just a few simple taps, anyone can get their car tyres serviced or replaced, sometimes without even needing to leave home or work! Carpit features an ever-expanding database of car model profiles with their respective tyre sizes.

In terms of accountability, the Tai brothers is proud that Carpit provides full warranty coverage against any damage for all customers’ vehicles, which includes scams or unexpected charges. Prices that you see on the app are transparent and would require a one-time transaction, which means customers will not be subjected to “hidden” costs.

Much like other e-commerce platforms, dealer legitimacy is earned through your reviews and ratings. As of now, over 237 trusted dealers throughout the country are available on Carpit. There’s also an in-built feature that keeps track of all your tyre service records and even provide reminders for your next tyre service. You will also be notified when a dealer runs a promotional campaign!

The Carpit app is officially available on both Android and iOS platforms, but remains as an open beta phase for the time being. In conjunction with the launch, Carpit announced their partnership with Leona Chin as brand ambassador with hopes of encouraging more Malaysians to pick up the habit of reducing road accidents directly associated with poor tyre maintenance.


Screenshot of Carpit App


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