2018 Honda Clarity unveiled, Plug-in Hybrid & EV

The “Clarity” nameplate used to reflect the fuel cell vehicles from Honda. However, with hydrogen hasn’t gained popularity as much as hybrid and electric vehicle (EV), the Clarity needed a makeover in order to stay competitive. Thus, the 2018 Honda Clarity is now available as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and EV.

The Clarity took some design cues from the current Honda Civic, after all, Honda’s darling C-segment model does attract the crowd. The rear wheels get partially covered, just like its fuel cell equivalent. Honda claims the new Clarity seats five comfortably and features Honda Sensing active safety suite and Display Audio that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Clarity EV will be powered by an electric motor that makes 161 hp and 300 Nm of torque, drawing power from its 25.5-kWh battery pack. Its range, however, falls rather short as it can only travel up to 129 km, where the Nissan Leaf can go up to 171 km per charge. The Clarity EV can be fully charged in just over three hours with 240v charger, or 30 minutes using DC fast charging.

Meanwhile, the Clarity PHEV has an advantage of having an internal combustion engine, 1.5-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder mill. The engine, making 181 hp and 315 Nm of torque, is mainly tasked to generate electrical power but it can also drive the wheels when required. Electrical juice is stored in a 17-kWh battery pack with a charge time of 2.5 hours using the 240v charger. Its mileage via the pure electric mode is just 67 km, but with the assistance of the engine, it can go up to 530 km.

For now, the 2018 Honda Clarity is strictly made for the American consumers, with prices begin from  US$35,000 (approximately RM155k). The Clarity PHEV is expected to become Honda’s volume seller, while the Clarity EV is available for leasing in California and Oregon states.


2018 Honda Clarity PHEV

2018 Honda Clarity EV


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