Mercedes-Benz Malaysia will launch an all-electric truck. Yes, an e-truck.

Fuso eCANTER, Exterieur, mittelblau metallic, Generator: DC 12 V 250 Amp, HV Batterie: 70 kWh, Motorleistung: 185 kW, Leergewicht: 2.860 kg, Nutzlast: bis zu 4.600 kg, 3 Sitzplätze ; Fuso eCANTER, Exterior, mid-blue metallic, generator: DC 12 V 250 Amp, HV battery: 70 kWh, Engine power: 185 kW, curb weight: 2860 kg, payload: up to 4600 kg, seating capacity:3;

At the handover ceremony of the 300th FUSO truck from Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles (MBM CV) to Biforst Logistics, the two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise Biforst Logistics’ commitment to purchase the first electric-powered truck, the FUSO eCanter when it is available in Malaysia.

This move to introduce the country’s first electric truck is a significant step for MBM CV’s commitment to support the nation’s efforts of becoming an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) hub and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the transportation sector. Through the MoU signing, Biforst Logistics will be the first adopter of the eCanter truck in Malaysia.

First premiered at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, the eCanter truck is powered by a 248 hp and 380 Nm electric motor that drives the rear axle via a single-speed transmission. Customers can select the battery pack combination of between three to six sets of 14 kWh individual batteries. As a benchmark, a 70 kWh battery pack is able to deliver a driving range of more than 100 km. Charging from empty to 80 percent battery capacity only takes one hour with a quick charging station.

With its zero-emission drive, the eCanter poses a great alternative to diesel powered trucks and through Daimler’s year-long fleet test, the eCanter have sown around €1,000 (RM4.7k) of savings per 10,000 km compared to the diesel version.

Kudos to MBM CV for their move to introduce an eco-friendly alternative in the transportation sector and Biforst Logistics for adopting the first electric-powered truck in Malaysia. With the increased uptake of Euro 5 diesel and now the introduction of all-electric trucks, seems like our beloved country is on the right track to reduce carbon footprint.