Mazda’s next generation Skyactiv engines won’t even come with spark plugs!

From mass production Wankel engines to the recent high-compression SkyActiv range, Mazda’s steadfast engineering capabilities have earned the small time carmaker a solid reputation. Now, the Hiroshima-based company is developing the next-generation internal combustion engine, this time without the use of spark plugs.

According to a report by Nikkei, Mazda will market this technology as the second-gen SkyActiv powertrains. The technology, called homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), ignites the mixture of fuel and air by subjecting them to super high pressure. This combustion method eliminates the usage of spark plugs.

The benefits are substantial to say the least. Not only is this more efficient than a conventional engine, but Mazda said it reduces emissions and greatly improves fuel economy. Apparently, an internal test with the Mazda3 yielded close to 30 km/l!

Mazda will debut this new engine together with the next-generation Mazda3 sometime by 2018. Of course, if it proves to be successful, the rest of the Mazda range will also receive the same treatment. The company also announced plans to introduce plug-in hybrid cars by 2021.


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