NextEV teases 1,300 hp all-electric hypercar, to debut on 21 November

NextEV is a Chinese startup company that is adamant on producing world class electric vehicles, proof of which can be seen in the company’s exploits in the FIA Formula E series. What NextEV has in store for us next will attempt to shame even the highest performing hypercars of today, or at least that’s the claim.

In the opening season of Formula E, NextEV came out on top, winning both driver’s and manufacturer’s title. The following year they started developing powertrains in-house that will be used in a mysterious sports car (pictured below) that was doing its test runs in the UK last month.

Image Source: Autocar UK and Autohome

New details have emerged, suggesting that the pictured EV will be powered by an electric motor (or motors) capable of producing over 1,360 hp. NextEV says it will sprint from standstill to 100km/h in under 3.0 seconds, which we doubt not the slightest bit. When materialised, the Chinese hypercar will charge (pun intended) straight towards two equally mind bending modern hypercars, the Aston Martin/Red Bull AMR-RB 001 and Mercedes-Benz’s F1 powered hypercar.

However, just like the AMR-RB 001, NextEV’s hypercar is not for mass production. Just like many high performing cars of this level, the asking price is close to seven figures and will only be limited to the privileged few.FE2015-travis (5)

Most importantly, it’ll serve as a technological test-bed for the company’s EV technology. It will make its world debut in London on 21 November. Watch out, Tesla and BMW.


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