Wheelcorp Premium, one of the largest BMW dealers in Malaysia today announced the Wheelcorp Premium Driving Circuit, a first of its kind in Malaysia. This purpose-built track is aimed to provide customers and potential buyers of BMW, MINI and xDrive a facility to experience the dynamics of the brand.

Officiated at the Setia Alam Wheelcorp BMW dealership, the track is a perfect complement to the 4S dealership. In addition to the showrooms, service centre, BMW M performance section and BMW premium selection, the 100-meter closed circuit and xDrive gravel trail will allow all customers to experience the makings of Sheer Driving Pleasure.2016 BMW Wheelcorp Premium Driving Circuit - AutoBuzz.my

The 100m closed gravel circuit is designed to demonstrate BMW and MINI vehicles’ dynamic handling performance in both dry and wet conditions. In addition to that, the main purpose of the circuit is to allow drivers a safe environment to execute total control over their cars under extreme and life threatening situations. Therefore, the short 100m circuit is not to be underestimated. It is comprised of a variety of agility, braking and car coordination exercises.

For the xDrive models, pitting them against the other models on the driving circuit is not going to do the highly capable xDrive system justice. A separate purpose built track that simulates extreme off-road conditions is ready to put the xDrive system to its pace. The BMW xDrive Experience circuit consists of muddy and rugged terrains, side slope challenge as well as hill climb and hill descent stages.


During the media test drive, Matthew and I had a go at the Premium Circuit in the BMW 120i. An instructor was present to walk us through the circuit. Even though the course is a short 100m, it consists of tricky turns with zig-zag manoeuvres, hairpin turns and S-corners. This allowed for a very comprehensive test of the car’s handling, braking and acceleration capabilities. The 120i is indeed impressive but I was more intrigued with the circuit.

I was able to stretch the 120i enough to experience not only its driving dynamics but also the Dynamic Traction Control kicking in when the rear-wheels struggles to find grip. If you want to get a taste of how a BMW and MINI performs at their limits, one lap around the Wheelcorp Premium Circuit will suffice. Although I wished I had a chance in the MINI Cooper S2016 BMW Wheelcorp Premium Driving Circuit - AutoBuzz.my

Next up at the xDrive Experience challenge, I was placed in a BMW X3 xDrive20i to tackle the beat up terrain. Another industry colleague piloted the first lap while I anxiously wait for mine but watching him go, I was more horrified than excited. Watching the X3’s wheels submerge into the mud and one wheel hanging in mid air against the slope was quite a terrifying but magnificent sight to behold.

Here goes nothing. The first stage was driving through a muddy stretch. To my surprise, the X3 was not struggling hard for grip. Instead it sailed through the mud very smoothly and we were out in no time. Next up, the rugged terrain stage demonstrated the car’s pliable suspension that soaked up undulations very nicely.

After witnessing all the other attempts on the side slope stage, I trusted the X3’s low centre of gravity and xDrive system to not topple over. Even with one wheel off the ground and leaning at a 21-degree incline (according to the on-board xDrive monitor), the SUV held its ground well without breaking a sweat.2016 BMW Wheelcorp Premium Driving Circuit - AutoBuzz.my

At the hill ascent and descent stage, we experienced the car’s hill-hold, hill-start assist and hill-descend control. Lastly at the bunkers stage, we witnessed how the xDrive distributes torque to each individual wheel when it comes to a raised, uneven surface. There is also a mirror placed at the side of the circuit for us to watch how the individual wheels react when it is raised in the air.

Overall, both the circuits are designed with a clear purpose in mind – for drivers to experience BMW and MINI do what they do best. This circuit complements the Wheelcorp’s facility perfectly not only as an extended test drive track, but a full BMW & MINI experience. 2016 BMW Wheelcorp Premium Driving Circuit - AutoBuzz.my

New owners of BMW and MINI vehicles from Wheelcorp Premium will be delighted to know that their purchase entitles them to a Safety and Defensive Driving Course at this very circuit.

In addition to that, Wheelcorp Premium will be organising a Weekend Sales event at Wheelcorp Premium Setia Alam from 23 to 25 September 2016 (that’s this weekend) to celebrate the opening of the circuit. For every purchase of a BMW or MINI during the event, new owners will receive a 12-month complimentary fuel from Shell Malaysia.2016 BMW Wheelcorp Premium Driving Circuit - AutoBuzz.my

During the same weekend, the Compact Performance Drive, BMW xDrive Experience and MINI Driving Experience sessions will be held at the Wheelcorp Premium Circuit as well. Only four sessions will be held a day and it is only open to current BMW and MINI owners. Owners can register for the session by calling +6011 1782 5060.

The new Wheelcorp Premium Driving Circuit is supported by BMW Group Malaysia, BMW Credit Malaysia, Allianz Malaysia Berhad and GoodYear Malaysia.


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