2016 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 now in Malaysia, priced at RM53k

Since the launch of the iconic Ducati Scrambler, Ducati has taken the Scrambler to greater heights. It isn’t just about motorcycles anymore but a “lifestyle”.

We all know that Ducati or any other Italian makes are known for their lifestyle marketing and cult following. We’ve also known Ducati’s for its performance, technology, design and the colour RED. But this is a whole new paradigm shift. Yellow is the new Red. It’s pop icon culture time. Ranging from the Scrambler’s Standard Icon model right up to the Full Throttle, one is able pick a model, customise it further to create and identify with their bike from the range of apparels and accessories available for that perfect image.2016 Ducati Scrambler Launch in Malaysia - AutoBuzz.my

To further solidify and inspire the younger generation of beginner riders to embrace this Pop Icon Culture of self-expression and free spirit (it all began for the Scrambler back in 1962 to 1975), the Scrambler Sixty2 was born.

The Sixty2 is definitely leaner looking with the 399cc air cooled 90 degree V-Twin displacement. Ergonomics, weight and overall feel is noticeably leaner as well. Notable change was the traditional forks as compared to the inverted forks on the 803’s. Finishing was to a high standard and honestly, it was a tad better than the Hyperstrada. Paint finish was excellent with Ocean Grey being my favourite out of the three available colours – Atomic Tangerine and Shining Black.2016 Ducati Scrambler Launch in Malaysia - AutoBuzz.my

Upon startup, you could definitely tell that it lacks a little grunt as compared to the 803 which had the right ‘oomph’ factor to it. This could be due to Euro4 emissions controls that Ducati has to comply with. Power is rated at 41 hp which peaks at 8,750rpm, with 34.6 Nm of torque available at a whizzing 8,000rpm. Not too shabby for a 400cc set up.

Ride wise, the Sixty2 was surprisingly a joy to ride. It was smooth, comfortable, easy, light and flickable into turns with enough usable power to pull it through. Personally, I would have enjoyed a little more juice from it. But if we focus back to its built purpose, I seriously have no complaints about it.

The six-speed transmission on the other hand needed a lot of shift work to keep within the mid-range revs where its sweet spot seems to be at. Gearshifts were silky smooth, and it’s paired with a cable clutch that seems to be the formula with Ducati. Personally, a cable clutch gives me more flexibility.2016 Ducati Scrambler Launch in Malaysia - AutoBuzz.my

Braking from the single front and rear disc was more than adequate, and they were paired up with ABS as a standard feature (which I hope some Jap models will do too, soon). It definitely is a necessity, especially for beginners who are still experimenting with their braking pressure, distance and reaction. The brakes were not too soft nor too grippy for my liking.

Overall, the Sixty2 is great as a daily commuter, that weekend getaway bike that is practical, fun and very easy to handle. This is definitely a head turner with its Pop Icon Heritage of 1962.

The downside may be due to the price that is above RM40k for a 400cc. But if you are in the market for something smooth, iconic, youthful, accessible and usable in most conditions, this would be a choice to consider.



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