Lamborghini Centenario, a fitting tribute to its tractor-building founder [+Video]

Ferruccio Lamborghini, born in 1916, was a visionary man. The Italian industrialist had begun manufacturing his own grand tourer when he discovered that Ferraris weren’t to his tastes, so the tractor builder built his own sports car. And the rest they say, is history.

Fast forward today, Lamborghini is paying tribute to the 100th anniversary of their late founder with the unveiling of the Lamborghini Centenario. The Centenario was not named after a fighting bull (not like other Lambos). Instead, it means “centenary” in Spanish. Based on the Aventador, the car made its debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Armed with razor sharp carbon fibre bodywork, ultra-low stance and humongous rear diffusers that’s designed to produce as much downforce as possible, the Centenario is probably the Aventador’s perfect form. lamborghini-centenario-4

The Centenario remains a pure naturally aspirated bull, powered by a 6.5-litre V12 that pushes out 760 hp and 690 Nm of torque. Power is channelled to all four wheels. This translates to a nought to 100km/h sprint time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 347 km/h. The Centenario’s stopping power is equally ludicrous; the active rear wing and carbon-ceramic brakes can bring the Centenario to a standstill from 298 km/h in just 290 meters!

At £1.6million (RM8.4million based on today’s conversion rates) per pop, only 40 units (20 each for the coupe and convertible) will ever be made. Each of the 40 units will have its own identity, personalised through Lamborghini’s Ad Personam programme. As expected of this ultra exclusive model, all units have been snapped up long before it even debuted at Geneva.

So, the least we can do now is to watch this video of the Centenario in all its glory, bombing through the Nardo circuit. Without a doubt, the Centenario is a perfect car to pay tribute to its charismatic founder. Not bad for a man who once made a living out of making tractors, eh?



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