Honda Malaysia has provided an update on the stock availability and service capability in relation to the ongoing Takata airbag inflator recall. As we know, Honda Malaysia is among the few manufacturers exercising this caution, and have lately been facing supply shortage

We’ve summarised the press release into 11 key points:

  1. Honda Malaysia sincerely regrets the inconvenience faced by customers and would like to take this opportunity to apologise to their customers for failing to meet the increasing number of replacement parts.
  2. This includes working to secure an increasing supply of replacement parts from Takata, and even sourcing for airbag inflators beyond Takata, such as Daicel, Autoliv and TRW.
  3. Based on its estimates, Honda Malaysia is confident to achieve 100 percent stock availability for front driver airbag inflators by mid-August 2016. (Note: For the record, the fatal accidents involving driver’s airbag inflators in Malaysia involve the City made between 2002 to 2008. Replacements for affected units will be ready within the stipulated time frame.)

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  4. However, Honda Malaysia is unable to provide indications on securing full stock availability for the front passenger airbags. This is due to a global stock shortage faced since May 2016. The company will inform customers when the parts are ready.
  5. Due to the multiple recalls involving both driver and passenger airbag inflators, there’s a possibility that units recalled for both driver and front passenger airbags will not be able to have both changed at the same time due to the lack of replacement parts. Honda Malaysia regrets this and apologises for the inconvenience caused.
  6. To meet the increasing number of replacement work Honda Malaysia is reducing the Preventive Maintenance Service Schedule by 50 percent, allowing more technicians to focus on the airbag inflator replacement. This starts 20 July 2016.
  7. There’s a likelihood that the normal preventive maintenance service might not be met. In such cases, Honda Malaysia will extend the maintenance period and reflect accordingly in the warranty period of the involved cars.
  8. Three temporary Central Hubs will be opened to cater to the increasing capacity for airbag inflator replacement. The hubs will operate seven days a week. Their locations will be announced in due course. Mobile Hubs will be opened nationwide, focusing on  airbag inflator replacement. Locations will also be announced soon.
  9. Honda Malaysia also offers the airbag inflator replacement for parallel imported Honda vehicles. These owners, who bought their Hondas not sold by authorised Honda dealers are advised to contact authorised Honda dealers. The cost of parts and labour will be fully borne by Honda Malaysia.

As for now, Honda Malaysia has undertaken the following measures to reach its customers. This includes:

  1. Mailing more than 240,000 letters to owners.
  2. Advertising campaign and issued press releases to notify the public.
  3. Notice display on Honda website, and making available VIN (chassis number) search of affected vehicles at Honda Malaysia’s website.
  4. Outreach campaigns at all on-ground activities and roadshows.
  5. Sending email to more than 35,000 owners.
  6. SMS blast  to more than 126,000 customers.
  7. Share information about the recall in Honda’s ‘With Dreams’ magazine.
  8. Phone calls to customers – calls made to more than 2,000 customers.

We urge all affected owners to not ignore this pressing matter.

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