Ferrari 458 MM Speciale, Maranello’s latest special one-off

Remember the mysterious Ferrari that was going around Fiorano naked? It turned out to be a one-off from Ferrari Special Projects division, and it’s named ‘Ferrari 458 MM Speciale’.

It’s wasn’t a Ferrari Dino or a 488 Speciale as speculated when images of a mysterious white Ferrari was making rounds on the track and road. It is a bespoke model, specially crafted for a British car enthusiast.2016-ferrari-458-mm-speciale-front

This Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is based on the naturally aspirated 4.5-litre V8 458 Speciale that churns out 597 hp. A 133hp per litre world record thanks to the 14.0:1 high compression ratio setup.

The appearance weirdly reminds me of the 488, the Lotus Evora, and a little bit of Ford GT. I guess that’s how the British bloke likes it. Making sure it stands out from the rest of the 458 Speciales.2016-ferrari-458-mm-speciale-rear

With the unique shoulder line and side scoop, one of a kind front and rear bumpers, finished in Bianco Italia (white) matched with Italian flag livery, it is a brilliant looking Prancing Horse.  

Have some spare million bucks lying around? Give Ferrari Special Projects Programme a call and they will make your dreams come true.



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