Shell Malaysia has launched the Shell Helix Engine Warranty (SHEW) programme, the first of its kind in South East Asia. This extended engine warranty comes for free and gives drivers peace of mind against engine failure when they service their car with Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix HX7 lubricants.

A total of 15 critical engine parts are covered. The warranty programme is open to all passenger cars, SUVs or vans less than eight years old or with less than 100,000km on the clock. Should you qualify, your engine will be covered by SHEW for up to 12 years or 200,000km, whichever comes first. The car remains covered by SHEW, and is transferrable should car ownership change, for as long as Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix HX7 are used at every service, either every six months or at the oil change interval specified by car manufacturer.2016 Shell Helix Engine Warranty Launch -

Shell Helix Ultra has PurePlus Technology, a revolutionary gas-to-liquid process that converts natural gas into a 99.5 percent pure base oil that has stronger molecular bonds and virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil, the usual source of the base oil used in engine lubricants. The crystal clear base oil is then combined with high performance additives to make an engine oil with enhanced viscosity capable of reducing friction, even under extreme temperatures, to maintain engine power and efficiency. It also has lower evaporation so less top up is needed.

Shell Helix HX7 has Flexi-Molecule Technology which adapts to increase engine protection when needed. It activates under high pressures and temperatures to protect critical engine parts during tough driving situations, reducing wear and tear.2016 Shell Helix Engine Warranty Launch -

Shell is the only lubricant manufacturer in Malaysia to offer an extended engine warranty for their motor oils. For more information on Shell Helix lubricants or the Shell Helix Engine Warranty Programme, go to