Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT & 3.2 XLT now get rear view camera and longer warranty

Ford Malaysia, as part of a limited-time promotion, is offering a rear-view camera and extended manufacturer’s warranty to the Ford Ranger, particularly the 2.2 XLT and 3.2 XLT variants.

Both Rangers now come with a 5-Year or 200,000km warranty programme instead of the standard 3-Year or 100,000km package. The rear view camera will be displayed through the Ranger’s 4.2-inch SYNC head unit. This of course, works together with the rear parking sensors. Both additions will not incur extra costs.Ford-Ranger-Wildtrak-36

This promotion runs effective immediately until 30 June 2016, and is limited only to the 2.2 XLT and 3.2 XLT.

Matthew H. Tong

Matthew H. Tong

A straightforward, fun-loving guy who appreciates the superficiality of a car's appeal, but his admiration for anything on four wheels gives him no reason to neglect the makings of a car. He still believes that fun comes with three pedals and a stick.
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