Is the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept the “Ultimate Self-Driving Machine”? [+ Video]

What better way to celebrate the present than to showcase your vision for the future? This year, BMW turns 100 and wasted no time with the unveiling of the Vision Next 100 concept car. Just like any concept cars, the Vision Next 100 features outrageous design, interiors from a sci-fi movie and a BMW first – autonomous driving.

The Vision Next 100 is a wonder of the imagination; large wheels, wing doors, copper scheme and quad thin front lights to complement the signature kidney grille. The concept also features the “Alive Geometry” philosophy, a concept where 800 or so moving luminous triangles flex the bodywork while the car is in motion. The triangles also appear in the dashboard, sending driver’s aids such as warnings or advising the ideal driving line.BMW-Vision-next-100 (1)

The car also features two driving modes: Boost and Ease, both of which are assisted by an onboard intelligent assistant known as the Companion. The Boost mode lets the driver control the car just like any other normal car of today. But in Ease mode, full autonomy kicks in, and the interior morphs into a lounge where the driver can just sit back and enjoy the rest of the journey.

Through this concept, BMW displays new construction and design techniques, as well as an emphasis on enhanced human-machine interaction methods that is set to appear in future Bimmer. BMW is not shying away from autonomous driving technology – a technology many other corporations (car and non-car) are striving to perfect. BMW-Vision-next-100 (8)

The Vision Next 100 is truly a thing of the future, so distant that it makes the mouth-watering BMW i8 look relatively old. If autonomous driving is the future, then what will become of the “Ultimate Driving Machine” tagline? Ultimate Self-Driving Machine?



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