Have time to spare? Drive and earn more with Grab today!

Malaysians haven’t had it easy for the past year or so, especially after the toll hike, implementation of GST and volatile petrol prices. Stretching your dollar just isn’t the same anymore, much less afford that dream car or holiday that you know you deserve.

Some take the extra step by working round-the-clock through various kinds of part-time placements and freelancing stints. But let’s face it, those require a fair amount of motivation, dedication and commitment that many aren’t in the position to do, mainly because of inflexibility.

This is where Grab comes into the picture. GrabCar (available through the Grab App, formerly known as MyTeksi) offers a flexible and viable option for those looking to make some serious income by the side, all without requiring too much time and commitment – something other ride-sharing app platforms cannot provide.

So, how does it work, and just how easy is it to make this side income with Grab? Pretty easy, actually.

2016 GrabCar is Hiring - AutoBuzz.my
Latest Grab incentive

Instead of putting in the hours, Grab focuses on the number of rides you complete. Take this for example; if you accept a ride (from Monday to Thursday, minimum fare of RM7) on the way to work and two more on the way back, you will already hit the Tier 4 target and be entitled to a bonus incentive. If Tier 4 is achieved, you would have made RM192 in just four days!

Then, if you accept five to six rides daily (also with the same minimum fare of RM7) from Friday to Sunday, your daily earnings will amount to between RM90 to RM96. Keep at it for a month and Grab guarantees you a gross monthly income of RM1,792! All you have to do is refer to the Recommended Driving Schedule below to grab an idea how things work.

2016 GrabCar is Hiring - AutoBuzz.my
Just an average of two driving hours a day will help you reach the Tier 4 target!

An average Tier 4 driver will only need to put in about 14 hours a week or two hours a day. So, what can you do with RM1,792? Allow us, if you may.

With RM1,792, you can:

  1. Pay in full the monthly instalments for your brand new Mazda3 2.0L Skyactiv or Honda HR-V (top spec, Grade V)
  2. Pay housing rentals at condominiums such as Neo Damansara, Fahrenheit 88 and Bukit Bintang where transportation is in demand
  3. Purchase a brand new off-contract iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge after two months of saving
  4. Go on a monthly trip to Bali or Bangkok!

But wait, what if you want to make more? With GrabHacks, you can target high in-demand areas during rush hour which guarantees the RM7 minimum fare. This earns you more with lesser or shorter drive time.

2016 GrabCar is Hiring - AutoBuzz.my
Bonus hours

Another way to make more money is to refer this opportunity to your friends and family. Grab will reward you with RM175 for every referral, and if they sign up between 1 to 31 March 2016, you will even be in the running to win a brand new Nissan Almera worth RM69,800 – tax and insurance included!

So, how does one sign up? Simply drop by the GrabCar Express Sign-Up Day on 13 March 2016 (Sunday) at the Bukit Damansara Community Centre anytime between 10am to 6pm.

All you need is your NRIC, a valid driver’s license and a cover note for your car insurance. Grab will also give you RM50 upon signing up (valid only for this event)! Should you seek more clarification, there will be ground staff ready to address any concerns or doubts you may have.

Alternatively, you can also follow the simple steps below and register online:

Step 1: Sign up here
Step 2: Register, key in details and upload the necessary documents (scanned copy of your NRIC, driver’s license, car insurance cover note and a profile photo)
Step 3: Attend a quick driver briefing

For more information, feel free to visit www.grab.co!


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